The Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research (CEEP) is a joint research center of CAS Institutes of Science and Development, Beihang University, CNPC Economics & Technology Research Institute, CNPC Research Institute of Safety and Environment. Addressing on the solutions to national energy and environmental issues, CEEP conducts scientific research on the area of energy and environment, promotes the development and application of energy economics, policy and management science. CEEP aims to provide energy scenario forecasting, energy system analysis and policy implications for government and enterprises.
Director:   Fan Ying
Deputy Director:   Qi Shaoyun,
          Wang Jialin,     Guo Jianfeng
Assistant Directo:
          Xu Jianshan,    Yuan Bo
          Ji Qiang,          Zhu Lei
Director of Scientific Committee:
       Xu Weixuan
Chinese Carbon Market
Oil Price Forecasting
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